Tuesday 2nd August 2022 - By Jo



If you caught last weeks update you'll know that as well as working on our new branding & new products we have also been updating our FACEBOOK  & other social media platforms. It has never been easier to stay in touch & check out whats going on at PS Clothing HQ.

So why stay in touch with us? Well...we'll be having more NEW products releasing as the seasons change & these will be featuring on our social pages with exculsive offers available to our followers. We will also be bringing you some give aways as we hit our social milestones. 

Why we Love Social...

  1. Business work on relationships & we look to nuture those through the content we bring you.
  2. We get to share our expertise with you. Go check out our stories for an exculsive behind the scenes view & see how we create our unique garments.
  3. Engaging with our customers, that's YOU! Tag us in & we'll share the love!
  4. Curate your space. Never miss a thing by turning on your notifications once you've like our page.
  5. Connect with us. Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us a DM & we'll hook you up with your dream garment OR tell us what you love about our garments & you'll get to feature in our socials! 






Have You Seen It Yet?

Friday 22nd July 2022 - By Jo



WHAT?! You've NOT seen what we've been up to?!

We've been busy having a mini re brand but don't worry we're still doing all your FAVs! ????

We've got our PS Clothing Classic Hoodie, which is now available in 78 Colours!! But not all are on the website yet as our little fingers can't type quick enough as we are adding NEW products everyday too!!

Now you maybe wondering why we had a rebrand. Over the last few years, while the world has been a bit upside down, we had to really dig deep to make sure we were still here & able to serve our loyal customer base. The only way to do that was to cast our net a little wider plus find GREAT NEW Fresh & Funky products!! 

Where we'll Start.

We'll be starting by adding some NEW asccessories to our range. You'll be able to coordinate your look with our Nautical range of bags or create a boho chic look with our Summer sun hats. It has never been so easy to get creative & wear it your way!

As always our customisation service is available on most of our products, but with the new ranges some sadly arent suitable for the process we use but we couldn't not share them with you, could we?! So they will come as they are, in all their fabulousness!

We are super excited to be sharing this journey with you & now more than ever there are soooo many ways to keep in touch with all the shananigans! We've got our Newletter, which will showcase our new products & give you exculsive offers & you can hang out with us on Facebook & Instagram  to see what goes on behind the scenes.

We are only just scratching the surface or what we've got planned, so stay tuned!

The PS Team

How are you?

Wednesday 9th September 2020 - By Jo

How are you?Smile

Thought we'd better get on & update you with some exciting information.

For regulars who follow us on social media you may have noticed a few changes but the great services we offer have remained the same.

So what's changed?

We have had a revamp of the great products we are now able to offer. We're still offering the same the same styles you love but have introduced new brands such as AWDis Just Hoods. This brand is well known for its extensive colour palette and ultimate print-ability making it a great option for guys, girls & kids.

What else?

You can now follow us on instagram @ps_clothing_style so pop over & take a look.Smile


FREE DELIVERY Exclusive weekend offer to celebrate the West Country Christmas Equine Fair.

Friday 1st December 2017 - By Jo

Enter the code DEQ17 at checkout to get free delivery on all orders over £30.00 Offer ends midnight on Monday 4 December.

Summer is Here...

Monday 30th June 2014 - By Jo Lee

So it seems Summer has arrived here at PS HQ.  Well the office has warmed up so I guess that means Summer.

Since the last blog we have had 2 shows... Badminton and Bath and West.

Badminton... 2013... Glorious sunshine.  2014... Mud, Mud, Mud!  We had a great time none the less.  Even if the marquee was a bit creaky and each morning I expected to unzip the tent and find myself in Oz!  It was rather windy and luckily the tent stayed in one piece... Others weren't so lucky.  We had a great time meeting customers and seeing some faces we recognised.  Loved seeing "Fat Lips" again (you know who you are!!!) and they really made us giggle with the story of them being run ove by a mobility scooter.  You shouldn't really laugh but we did.... A LOT!!!

No sooner were we back from Badminton we were getting ready for Bath and West.  This was another fantastic show and we met some fantastic people.  The difference with Bath and West was we had our embroidery macines with us.  This is something we would like to do more of at shows and we are looking into where and how we can fit it in.

Our next stop is The New Forest and Hampshire County Show 29th to 31st July.  In the mean time, keep your eye on Facebook as we will be putting up some special, limited time offers.

Hopefully we will see some of you there...

PS We Love You...