Christmas Shopping

Friday 4th November 2022 - By Jo

Here at PS Clothing we're counting down the days.


Dare we say it? Christmas is almost upon us and we'll be spending more over the next few weeks than we typically would without the festivities.

Did you know that on average UK household spends more than £800 extra in December, including a 20% increase in spend on Food and 30% on Alcohol.
Fun Facts about your Christmas Shopping:
1. UK consumers are the biggest Christmas spenders in Europe.
  •  UK consumers intend to spend an average of £567 on Christmas. This is 42% more than the European average (£400).
  •  The UK is the highest spending market in Europe ahead of Spain (£526) and Austria (£475).
  •  We splash out more on gifts than our European counterparts. More than half of a consumer's Christmas budget (53%) will be spent on gifts compared to 43% on average in Europe.
 2. Most UK shoppers start Christmas shopping in October or November.
We all know at least one of those super-organised people who start planning for Christmas in the first half of the year. In fact, one in ten Brits claim to start their Christmas shopping in July or earlier, with an aim to spread the cost throughout the year.
Just over half of us claim to start our shopping 2-3 months before Christmas and a quarter of us don't get started until December. If you still haven't bought all of your gifts, you're not alone as 12% of UK shoppers claim that most of their Christmas shopping is left until the week before Christmas.
 3. Black Friday has been part of the UK festive period for 11 years and is an exciting time in the retail calender.
  •  Black Friday was introduced to UK consumers by Amazon in 2010 & it wasn't long before other retailers soon followed the trend.
  • An article in Which? magazine stated that 60% of Black Friday deals were available for the same price or cheaper at other times of the year.
  • Still Black Friday has remained as popular as ever, with packed high streets and onlines sales increasing dramatically.
 4. When it comes to presents, we spend the most on our kids.
  • Parents spend an average of £153 on their kids, which makes up almost half of the present budget for family members. 18% of parents plan to spend more than £300 on presents for their offspring.
  • When cutting back on the cost of Christmas, gifts for children is the last place families would look to save money.
 5. Shopping around means you can get a Christmas dinner for as little as £2.86 per head.
Shopping around at different supermarkets for the cheapest option means families can spend as little as £2.86 per person on Christmas dinner. Unsurprisingly, most of the ingredients would have to come from Aldi or Lidl, but you would also have to make trips to Iceland and M&S to make the most of the savings.
  • In 2019, Aldi reclaimed its crown as the cheapest place for a one-stop Christmas shop, undercutting Iceland and Lidl with an overall basket cost of £24.78.
  • Tesco's basket at £30.62 is 10p cheaper than ASDA and almost £3 cheaper than Morrisons.

What it ends up being in 2022, we shall see?

6. The majority of us buy our turkey in advance.
Prior to WWII we would have sat down at the table for a nice plump goose. Today 76% of families in the UK tuck into roast turkey on Christmas day. A quarter of us buy our turkeys months in advance and 20% of us will pay more for good quality.
This year sees the poultry industry stuck once again with Bird Flu. With a possible shortage of the UK's favorite Christmas main ingredients for our dinner table, what alternatives would you consider?
7. Online is winning as we move our Christmas spend away from the high street.
  • The proportion of retail sales being made through physical stores fell to 26.0% in March 2022, its lowest proportion since February 2020
  • Unlike the high street, supermarkets have has been less affected by the move to online. 
 8. More recently, mobiles have changed how we shop at Christmas.
  • Shopping with smartphones or tablets rose to 54.2% of all online retail spending last Christmas.
  • We're also using our mobiles when we're in physical stores to check prices, look up additional product information or even to order items we see from other retailers!
The Christmas period is a time where we're all willing to spend a little more on food, drinks and each other. It's vital that brands are offering relevant products and keeping up with the evolving shopping landscape to ensure they are maximising this moment. But as we tighten our purses in 2022, how will you be making those pennies count?
To lend a hand we've got some exculisive offers but you have to sign up to our Newsletter to be sure you dont miss out!
Have a wonderful built up to the Christmas period!!




Here's something you need to know.

Friday 30th September 2022 - By Jo


There's even more for you to view as we've started to add some seasonal items to our collection.

 Here's some styling tips for Our Iconic Beanie, which will be coming soon to our website!!


5 ways to style our Iconic Beanie!


Tip 1 - Keep it simple & effective!

Oh Yes, we all love to stay warm & our Iconic beanie does just the job. Simply wear so that it covers your ears. 

Tip 2 - Roll it up!

Having a bad hair day or perhaps just need to add that extra edge to your look. Roll or cuff as it's known in the trade, your beanie once & wear it on the top of your head, The High Top covering just half of your ears. You can then have it straight up or go for the semi slouch at the back, the choice is yours!

Tip 3 - Go Fisherman!

This style is turning into a bit of a classic. Just add another roll to your beanie & wear on the top of your head. It's up to you whether you have it sitting to the back or more on top of  your head. 

Tip 4 - Leisure & Lounge!

One of my favorites styles.  Cuff your beanie at the back while leaving the front uncuffed. Then add a bit of  a "slouch" to the back.

Tip 5 - Super Slouch!

Wear it like Beckham! No cuff required just pop on your beanie & fold the fabric over at the back. Pull a little over your ears & there you go!


Want more styling tips? Tune in to our FACEBOOK page every Friday at 1PM. We look forward to seeing you there! 


Friday 2nd September 2022 - By Jo


Top Tips on how to style our Classic Hoodie.


We have been selling our Iconic Classic Hoodie since it all started over 10 years ago. Now it's time for a re-fresh but don't worry we have some styling tips that will take your essentail hoodie to the next level!


Tip 1 - Be Intensional with Colour!

Oh Yes, get your colour right on point with over 70 colours to choose from. Your favorite Classic colours from Fire Red to French Navy have been joined by Caramel Latte, Dusty Rose, Lip Stick Pink, Olive & Vanilla Milkshake to name a few. But you won't find all of them on the website, so if you require something a bit more eye catching, drop us an email or connect with us on social & we'll get you sorted!

Tip 2 - Layer up!

Don't just sling on your hoodie as a means to keep warm, get into layering up with a jacket. Pop your favorite bomber jacket over your hoodie, pair with some jeans & your favorite pumps for the streetwear inspired look or take it to the office under a blazer. Like an oversized hoodie? How about a leather jacket over the top of one of Classic Hoodies, with a belt to tuck it in at the waist & some combat boots for an edgy look.

Tip 3 - Accessorize the look!

Our Classic Hoodie is no longer the accessory but it is the garment to accessorize! Grab a neutral coloured hoodie like ash, nude or artic white & pair it with a statement piece of jewellery for a sophisticated look. Need a pop of colour? Why not choose our lipstick pink Classic Hoodie & our Faux Suede Baseball cap in light grey for a playful vibe.

Tip 4 - Leisure & Lounge!

Our Classic Hoodie has been a big hit for those of you that have embraced working from home. Prioritising comfort without sacrificing style. Plus with our "Wear it your Way" option you can feel inspired & motivated every day. So go ahead & SLAY THE DAY!

Tip5 - Zip It!

Best looked unzipped! Our Classic Zoodie is best paired with our Classic Crew Tee. It's a classic combo that has stood the test of time.


Want more styling tips? Tune in to our FACEBOOK page every Friday at 1PM. We look forward to seeing you there! 



Tuesday 2nd August 2022 - By Jo



If you caught last weeks update you'll know that as well as working on our new branding & new products we have also been updating our FACEBOOK  & other social media platforms. It has never been easier to stay in touch & check out whats going on at PS Clothing HQ.

So why stay in touch with us? Well...we'll be having more NEW products releasing as the seasons change & these will be featuring on our social pages with exculsive offers available to our followers. We will also be bringing you some give aways as we hit our social milestones. 

Why we Love Social...

  1. Business work on relationships & we look to nuture those through the content we bring you.
  2. We get to share our expertise with you. Go check out our stories for an exculsive behind the scenes view & see how we create our unique garments.
  3. Engaging with our customers, that's YOU! Tag us in & we'll share the love!
  4. Curate your space. Never miss a thing by turning on your notifications once you've like our page.
  5. Connect with us. Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us a DM & we'll hook you up with your dream garment OR tell us what you love about our garments & you'll get to feature in our socials! 






Have You Seen It Yet?

Friday 22nd July 2022 - By Jo



WHAT?! You've NOT seen what we've been up to?!

We've been busy having a mini re brand but don't worry we're still doing all your FAVs! ????

We've got our PS Clothing Classic Hoodie, which is now available in 78 Colours!! But not all are on the website yet as our little fingers can't type quick enough as we are adding NEW products everyday too!!

Now you maybe wondering why we had a rebrand. Over the last few years, while the world has been a bit upside down, we had to really dig deep to make sure we were still here & able to serve our loyal customer base. The only way to do that was to cast our net a little wider plus find GREAT NEW Fresh & Funky products!! 

Where we'll Start.

We'll be starting by adding some NEW asccessories to our range. You'll be able to coordinate your look with our Nautical range of bags or create a boho chic look with our Summer sun hats. It has never been so easy to get creative & wear it your way!

As always our customisation service is available on most of our products, but with the new ranges some sadly arent suitable for the process we use but we couldn't not share them with you, could we?! So they will come as they are, in all their fabulousness!

We are super excited to be sharing this journey with you & now more than ever there are soooo many ways to keep in touch with all the shananigans! We've got our Newletter, which will showcase our new products & give you exculsive offers & you can hang out with us on Facebook & Instagram  to see what goes on behind the scenes.

We are only just scratching the surface or what we've got planned, so stay tuned!

The PS Team